Dr.Mohammad Abusamak

  • Experienced Vitreoretinal surgeon- early adopter of 23G and no scissors vitrectomy
  • Experienced trauma vitreoretinal surgeon (war zone casualties)- heavy liquids and HD silicone oil and management of PVR , suturing of IOLs, pupilloplasty and IOFB removal
  • Experienced in Medical retinal therapeutics, diagnostics and lasers (Micropulse 577, Diode, Green & YAG)
  • Experienced in Medical and laser treatment of Glaucoma (MLT, SLT, and Cyclo G6 Diode laser systems)
  • Experienced in Excimer laser correction of vision (LASIK, PRK and FS-Lasik) and ICRS implantation
  • Started Trifocal IOLs (Panoptix and Finevision) in 2016 till present
  • Experienced phaco surgeon with experience in premium IOLs- first surgeon to implant Toric IOL in Jordan
  • Experience in ICL implantation. Probably (one of few surgeons in the world) to implant the most minus ICL -23D (ICM125 -23) 2008
  • Early adopter of new technology in Ophthalmology- First OCTangio in Jordan


Retina & Vitreous

Retina & Vitreous

Surgery is the only treatment for cataract and is recommended

Child Eye Care

Through specialized devices in a comfortable environment …


One of the serious problems that destroys the eyes

Comprehensive Eye Care

Early detection leads to the maximum benefit of treatment

Vision correction surgeries

Vision correction surgeries

Surgery is the only treatment for cataract and is recommended…

LASER & LASIK vision correction operations

Both processes are safe in Amman Eye Clinic

Consulting for Dr. Mohammed Abu Samak

Dr. Mohammed Abu Samak Consultant Ophthalmology , provided more than seven hundred and seventy consultations on very common medical problems for many, they needed an assistant from around the world through his free participation in the Forum .lakii.com ,over several years

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  • Glaucoma


    Glaucoma causes permanent damage to the eye, and the treatment of prophylaxis prevents vision loss
  • Kids eyes exam

    Kids eyes exam

    The clinic of Prof. Mohammed Abu Samak provides many services regarding eye care for children
  • Cataract


    Cataract affects the ability of the visual person to hinder man from doing a lot of work,
  • Laser and laser correction

    Laser and laser correction

    What may some people correct? Does it have benefits? And its damage
  • Professor Mohammed Abu Samak

    Professor Mohammed Abu Samak

    He is a senior consultant of retinal surgery at the local and international level
  • Amman Eye Clinic

    Amman Eye Clinic

    Clinic equipped with qualified medical team in addition to attention to modern equipment

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Free LASIK consultation

Our clinic is easily accessible and convenient for patients, companions and free parking

  We are proud of our Arab patients from many Arab countries whom we are honored to deal with and treat

The scientific and surgical expertise of Dr. Mohammad Abu Samak has helped hundreds of patients regain their eyesight


  • I had PRK treatment at Amman Eye Clinic done by Dr. Mohammad Abusamak. I am happy for the results and the nice professional way during my surgery. I highly recommend it

    case 1
    Supervisor KHMC
  • Thank you for your kind care of my mother. She is now happy after having cataract operation. My thanks to Ms. Suhair for helping us

    case 2
  • Its great pleasure to know you Dr. Abusamak. Thanks for your care and help
    case 2
    Worker Suadi Arabia




  • dr abu ٍSamak

    dr abu samak
  • dr abu samak

    dr abu samak
  • dr abu samak

    dr abu samak
  • dr abu samak

    dr abu samak
  • dr abu samak

    dr abu samak

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